Beth Johnson

I sat down this week and interviewed Beth Johnson, the main character in my long-distance love story, Never Let Go.  We had a nice little chat, and I got to know some of her thoughts on a few things. Enjoy reading!

A: Let’s start from the beginning: Beth, I’d love to know what really went through your mind when your parents announced that they were taking you to England for the summer.

B: I thought they were trying to ruin my life. Seriously, I went out of my mind. I had my whole summer planned, and all I could think was that they wanted me away from Rick, for whatever reason. It was hard on me, honestly.

A: And who is Rick?

B: My high school boyfriend.  He’s a football player—a real girl magnet. I thought for sure I’d lose him if I left for the summer.

A: What was your attraction to Rick? Why was it so important to hold onto him?  Didn’t he mistreat you during your eight month relationship?

<David in the background>: I’d like to know that myself. Why were you so keen on Rick the Prick?

A: David, I didn’t know you were here. Are you sure you want to hear her answer? This might be painful.

D: No, I’m rather curious.

B: Hmm…for starters, he was super hot. And then…alright David, I could do without the gagging noises. <rolls eyes>

Anyway, aside from his good looks, we did some fun things together…you know, we were all part of the same social circle. I know I should’ve let him go when he started wanting things I wasn’t ready for, but I was attracted to him and didn’t want to mess things up. Now that I’m saying it out loud, I realize how dumb I was being. Oh well, you can’t change the past.

A: No, I always say things happen for a reason. So, next question—when you first noticed David staring at you in the pub in England, what were your thoughts?

B: I almost choked!  Ha ha…no, I really thought I’d gotten food on my face or something. My cousin insisted he was merely admiring me. Then I was kind of embarrassed. He was gorgeous—he is gorgeous—and I was surprised at how my body reacted. It was like little firecrackers were going off all over. When he came over to say hi, I was practically foaming at the mouth at the sound of his voice.

<to David> Stop laughing, David!

A: <Ignoring David> Moving on…Beth did you feel guilty about your immediate attraction to David and about all the flirting between the two of you?  Did it enter into your mind that you were cheating on Rick?

B: Of course I felt guilty. I am not the cheating type, so when I couldn’t get David out of my mind I didn’t know what to do. I kept telling myself ‘it’s just because he’s got an accent and he’s sweet and handsome and exotic’, but yeah that didn’t help. After the way Rick had treated me on our last date, he didn’t have a prayer. It was then that I realized leaving the situation was the best thing and that my parents were right all along, hard as that is to admit.

D: So glad they took you away from that sod. <winking>Beth: My high school boyfriend. He’s a football player – a real girl magnet. I thought for sure I’d lose him if I left for the summer.r reason. It was hard on me, honestly.

B: I’m glad, too. It put things in perspective, that’s for sure.

A: Beth, you had a fainting spell in David’s record shop.  Were you surprised that he offered to carry you home when you were too weak to walk?

B: Knowing him now, no I’m not surprised.  At the time, yes. He really was my knight in shining armor, rescuing me like that.  I didn’t think guys like that existed—only in fairy tales, you know? It’s just too bad that I felt so lousy…I wish I could’ve enjoyed the moment better. That was the first time I got a hint of his scent, and I wanted to bottle it, it was so enticing.

<David smiles>

A: You and David really bonded that Saturday at the park, and he didn’t hold back on pursuing you. Yet, you turned down his offer of a dinner date because of Rick. How hard was it to reject David?

B: Hmph, great question. A part of me died when I told him we could only be friends. Somewhere deep down, I knew our connection was more than friendship, but the logical side of me said it would never work with David since he lived in a different country.  There was definitely a war going on inside me.

A: So it was about more than your loyalty to Rick?

B: I guess so. I was trying to protect my heart. But in the end, it hurt worse trying to suppress my growing feelings for David. Especially when I found out about Rick.

A: Right, Rick…explain this, Beth: if you were falling for David and your feelings for Rick had started to cool, why were you so distraught at the news that he’d cheated?

B: Well, I’m only human. Being cheated on is the worst slap in the face, completely humiliating. And the fact that he did it at a party where all my friends could see…it was so hurtful. I mean, my feelings may have cooled, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t hope for a reconciliation once I returned from England.  Remember, at the time I didn’t think there was any hope of a real future with David–that was Fantasyland stuff. The only person I thought I had a real chance at a future with was Rick, and he destroyed that.  I was lost. And even though I knew the type of guy he was (horny), I wondered if there was something wrong with me to make him cheat like that.

D: Beth, he only wanted one thing from you, and he knew he wasn’t going to get it.

B: Thank you for your bluntness, oh wise one.

D: No problem.

A: David called that evening, not knowing what had happened. Do you wish you could’ve talked to him, instead of Jenny telling him to wait a few days?

B: No, she did the right thing. My head was messed up for a good day or so. I mean, maybe hearing David’s voice would’ve put me at ease, but I didn’t want him to see me upset. I was still getting to know him, and the possibility of crying in front of him wasn’t worth it. That would’ve embarrassed me at the time. Especially crying over another guy, when I clearly had strong feelings for him.  I didn’t want to confuse or hurt him in any way.

<David squeezes Beth’s hand and kisses her cheek.>

D: When I found out what he did to you, I wanted to hold you so desperately.

B: You hardly knew me, David.

D: Codswallop, I loved you.

<Beth get teary-eyed and crawls into David’s lap>

Well, friends I think I’m going to stop there.  Beth and David obviously need some time together, so I’ll leave them alone for now. My next interview will be with David, so keep an eye out for that in the next week or so.