A Fresh Start

There’s nothing I love more than the prospect of a fresh start. I, for one, could sure use a new beginning. 2016 was largely a year of introspection for me. In other words, I didn’t get much accomplished and spent much of my time confused and stressed out. I read a lot, made countless lists, dreamed, wished I were more like (fill in the blank), and beat myself up for not reaching my goals. What a year.

It’s time to move forward, leaving the gunk of the old year behind, yet learning from my mistakes. This year, I plan to complain less and do more to change my undesirable circumstances. I also would like to give myself more rest. I’ve learned that if I don’t take the time to relax, my mind races and I end up tied in knots. My husband smirked when I told him I intend to have “tea time” every day. Sit, drink tea, and read a magazine for twenty minutes. He’s a “doer” – doesn’t believe in sitting still – but I need it. Maybe he’ll sit down with me once in a while?

Another goal is to write more. I feel like a part of me was missing in 2016 by not writing as much. Yes, I will be finishing my third novel and starting my fourth. But in addition, I will blog, journal, and <gasp> write handwritten letters in 2017! I have a few friends who aren’t on social media, and I had the best time writing to them for Christmas. Writing letters is becoming a lost art, but I miss getting those 2-3 page handwritten notes from my old friends. It’s kind of hard to save texts or emails in a colorful box.

Whatever your goals are – exercise more, eat better, spend less – I hope you also take the time to do the things you love. Live in the moment, soak in your surroundings, breathe in the scent of fresh flowers. Give yourself a break. Make 2017 a great year!

Thanks for reading…

~ Anne