Housecleaning at midnight

I’ll admit it.  I’m disorganized.  And while I don’t necessarily think I’m lazy (the past week certainly disproved that), I do tend to go about my duties at a slower pace than my go-getter husband.  It’s times like these I wish I could find a support group for time management flunkies.

One of my friends texted me earlier, saying she was overwhelmed with all her different occupations – putting on craft fairs, doing holiday photo shoots, and substitute teaching – not to mention her duties as a wife and mother.  I texted back that “I’m right there with you”, and then suggested (in jest) that we escape to a tropical island where hot cover models serve us cocktails, and there are no concerns over laundry, housework, childcare, or our day jobs.  Yeah, right.

So here I am, the night before my live book release party, blogging instead of cleaning the house.  The house is a pigsty, and I’m hosting a party here tomorrow evening.  I must be crazy.

I’d get into all the sob story details of why I’m feeling so overwhelmed at the moment, but nobody wants to here that. Let’s just say my first book released a week ago, my husband has been traveling almost nonstop for a month, and I got hit with a huge work project this week which I had to bring home.  Oh, and it’s Christmas season.

Which is where that support group would really come in handy.  I realize that if I’m going to continue advancing my writing career, at the same time keeping my part-time accounting job (because somehow I’ve got to pay for book expenses), I really need to streamline my life and stick to a routine.  One that allows me to actually sleep at midnight; not clean the house.

Speaking of that, I’d better get to it.  I know everything will look great tomorrow – nobody’s here to inspect my house – and the party will be a nice time to relax and enjoy my friends.  I’ve been looking forward to this celebration!

And next week, I’ll take another stab at time management.  We’ll see…

~ Anne