Inching My Way…

I’ve always wondered how much effort my favorite authors have put into producing their books, namely the ones that I can’t put down.  But after the last few months, I have a new appreciation for how much work it is to put out a good book.  I liken it to the effort required during my busy season at work – “tax season” (I’m a CPA by profession): it’s hard.

Fortunately I like writing, though admittedly when I submitted my first round of revisions to my editor the other day, I was ready for a break from my characters.  You see, I’ve known them for a long time.  (My first blog post describes a brief history).  The current version of these characters have been chattering in my head for almost three years.  Yes – three years I’ve spent on this first manuscript!

When I began writing, only a few people knew, and then gradually I started telling people in passing that I was writing a novel.  I got the polite nods; people occasionally asked me what the book was about, etc.  Apparently many people talk about writing a book, but never actually do it.  

I think it was sometime last year when people picked up on the fact that I was serious about this.  Not that I purposely went on and on about my book, but when people asked, I told them what my progress was.  I’ll be honest, I love talking about my book, or about writing in general.  Not so much to pitch my book to people, but simply because it’s my passion.

This summer things really kicked into gear.  After attending a romance writers’ conference in New Orleans (where I shared a room with my freelance editor), I came home ready to finish this novel and get it out there.  I established a pen name, went through my first round of editing, set up profiles on numerous social media sites, and just a few weeks ago, revealed my book cover.  Truthfully, even with all the previous steps – having that cover revealed was the event that made this all seem real.  

Since the “big reveal”, many people have asked what else needs to be done before I hit “publish”.  Some have even begged to know when the book will come out! (I must’ve nailed the blurb).  My best answer to this question – unless you really want to hear about the whole editing/publishing process – is that I’m inching my way toward the release date. And that’s exactly how I feel; I’m taking baby steps, because otherwise it gets too overwhelming for me.  After three years on this project, there’s that insecure part of me that doesn’t want to blow it at the last minute.  It’s scary to put yourself out there.  

At the same time, I can’t wait for people to read about Beth and David.  Hopefully you’ll get to meet them 11-25-2014, my intended release date.

Thank you for reading. Here it is:


Under Construction

I’m at work so this will be quick!  I revealed my book cover yesterday and now I feel like this is really happening!  As soon as I turn in my first round of edits next week, I plan to put some work into my blog/website.  It’s not much to look at right now, but that will change soon! 

Please bear with me as I get my site up and running!