Somewhere between doing laundry, working at my accounting job, and attending my son’s field day at school,  a title for this blog came to mind.  Not a title for this entry, but for the entire website/blog:

“I’m Anne Carol, and I Live in a Fantasy World”

Don’t laugh – that pretty much describes me!  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a daydreamer.  It’s like I have to have this alternate universe in order to function.  Some people, including my dear husband, have a hard time understanding this concept.  I’m not sure if it’s a way to cope with my inherently high level of anxiety or if it’s just a trait all “creatives” possess.

In fact, when I was in sixth grade, I fantasized that I was married to a popular English rock star (this is the root of my romance novel, by the way).  I went so far as to write my pretend married name on a math worksheet and turned it in!  Who knows what I was thinking at the time, but imagine my embarrassment when my teacher held the paper up and said, “Who is Jan Taylor?”

Oops.  The worst part was that all 25 or so kids in the class looked at me!  Wow, I could just die even remembering the mortification.  But somehow that alternate existence is what got me through the difficult adolescent years.  It was around then that I started writing the first version of the book I plan to publish this fall.

Almost thirty years later, I still find myself escaping into various fantasy worlds, though instead of fantasizing about being married to a famous pop star, now I have story lines running through my mind constantly.  Sometimes I’m afraid I won’t have enough time in this life to write all the novels that exist in my head.  I wonder if painters and songwriters have similar feelings.

So if you see me gazing off into blank space, I’m probably slipping into another world.  I try not let that happen when I’m having a conversation, but please don’t be offended if it does.  Sometimes I have no control.  When the characters have something to say, they often don’t wait for their turn!

In conclusion, I guess I should be grateful for my constantly wandering mind.  There are times when I thought it was more like a curse.  But now I know that without it I wouldn’t be me .  I’m Anne Carol, a writer.  And I’m proud of that.